What is Web3 and Why is it Important for the Future of the Internet?

Web3 has become a bit of a  buzzword or trend in the tech world. But what exactly is it about this new iteration of the internet and why does it matter?

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Disrupting the Education System: How Online Education is Transforming Learning and Job Skills

Online education is becoming increasingly important when it comes to educating people on the next generation of job skills, such as social media, AI, tech, and automation. As the…

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Financial Mistakes to Avoid in Your Small Business: Tips for Thriving Ventures

Starting a business can be a very exciting journey, but it also comes with its fair share of headaches and plenty opportunity to make mistakes. However, by being proactive and…

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How AI Is Revolutionising Industries: With Examples from Design, IT, Accounting and Medicine

AI has been making waves in the tech world for decades, all-beit on the down-low for most of us, and its impact on various industries has been nothing short of transformative.

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What is AI: Plus 5 Examples of AI Tech So You Can Get the Point

To sum it all up, AI is a game-changer in our lives and work, with the potential to streamline tasks and make them more efficient. From customer service chatbots to product…

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How to Prepare for Opportunity: 5 Steps You Can Follow

There is enough opportunity for all of us out there, so you want to be proactive in getting your share of the pie.

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Content Creation 101: How To Create Content People Will Love (Part 2)

Whatever you do, just keep creating and if possible, try and create one thing everyday or build on something already in the works.

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Digital Marketing 101: A Primer into the World of Digital Advertising

These days, everything is almost totally digital. It’s a whole new world and entering into it without a digital marketing plan will leave you being the needle in the haystack.

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