Welcome to Filos•of•Me, a contemplative blog covering topics on digital media, entrepreneurship and lifestyle.




Filos•of•Me is a play on words which basically describes the personal attitudes and theories that act as guiding principles to the way I see and do my work and the way I approach life.




At first, I wanted to create a blog that featured a bunch of information of how to do stuff but I figured that there is so much information out there already about the stuff I am interested in. I wanted to go about this blog in a unique way.


Instead of teaching you how, I thought it best to teach you the why infused in the how. So, in essence, I am trying to communicate why I do things the way I do them in regards to my work, business and how I choose to see and live life.


I will be writing articles on business and entrepreneurship. I’ll delve into the different things I do in the digital media space sharing with you the behind-the-scenes and other helpful tips. I also want to share articles on my life’s philosophy and how it complements the other stuff I do.


I hope this blog will add to your life in some way. I haven’t written in a long time but I am going to make it as helpful and as entertaining as I can. If there is anything you wanted to suggest I write about, hit me up via email, and if fits the type of content I love to write about, you’ll definitely see it in an upcoming blog post.


Until the next blog post, ciao…