One of my favorite quotes from I can’t remember who goes a little something like; “opportunity meets preparation”. Oh, my bad, it was Seneca.

That statement cannot be more true.

I feel like many of us are waiting for things to happen. You know, that dream job, the dream girl, the realized goals, that perfect body and whatever you deem as success. For some reason, some of us feel that if we simply sit around these things will manifest.


Move Your Ass

Manifestation isn’t a passive act but a very active one. Just like faith or creativity or love.


I always like to look back at those who lived in times before us. They had no internet and no computers. I mean they basically worked with way less than we are privileged to have. I’m also imaging what it would’ve been like to publish a book, how I would have to write one copy after another manually or how, if I wanted to research something, I would have to scour through book after book from the first page until the end, make references or even commit information to memory.

We basically have it easy and that is why we have no excuse of not achieving the things we want to achieve. I procrastinate quite a bit (I’m working on it) but even I know that this is not an excuse. If I want to see things happen I must make them happen and like in the book “The Alchemist”, “the universe will conspire to bring us whatever we desire”.

The reason why I am writing this article is because I feel like it is a good starting point for everything I will share with you in future posts. You have to start somewhere.


“I had to figure things out on my own.”


A Little Bit About Me

Quick share. I’ve always had dreams but I never thought I would amount to much, at least not in my early years. I mean as a kid I believed I’d be super successful and, even though I am starting to get into that mindset again, throughout my teen years I was so depressed and stressed that whatever light of the future that was in me dimmed. I remember at one point I thought that I would finally be able to afford a Blackberry when I was 30. Hah, look who is laughing now!

I have never had a typical university education. I wanted to, I really did, but that just wasn’t in the plan for me. When the time came for me to go to university, no-one could afford to take me. Dad squandered all his money on bad decisions and everyone else was either too busy about their own lives or trying to make ends meet on their own.

I had to figure things out on my own.

Time went by, I grew older. I reprioritized. I was not waiting for anything. I worked. I studied, I read, I experimented, I tried, I failed, I succeeded. I basically got to the point where I finally figured out what I wanted to do and then got started. I did not figure out everything but I was working with what I had. I think I only started understanding what I wanted to do when I was 26, and even then, my understanding was far from perfect. But I took a risk.

Do What You’ve Got to Do

I basically tailored my own degree. Found different institutions that would teach me what I needed to know. I signed up with some places because of the pressure of wanting a certification, these places cost me the little money I had, and some places were free but I would always feel like they were not good enough. However, I did whatever it was that I needed to do. I took time to prepare for whatever opportunities would find me.

I worked some nine-to-fives, I read some thick and thin books, I did not sleep much, I spent so much time on YouTube and I downloaded countless tutorials from different creatives. It was a lot. But it turned me into who I am now.

I eventually had the opportunity to do a degree but it would cost me my soul. So after a year of success, I decided to decline the offer because I just didn’t want to carry the debt and sell myself to a company for 5 years.

It is a jungle out there with a lot of predators. Be careful.


This blog post is a little long for my liking so I am going to end this post here and create another that picks it up from there.


Life has no formula…