In a previous article on content creation, I brought to light a couple of content strategies you can use in order to assist with your content creation efforts.

I highlighted how important it is to create audience-centered content, content that is tailored to those who will read it.

In this post we will build from that. I want to give you more content strategies that will elevate the media you create, strengthening your messaging.

1: Find a design tool

Content is designed. Whether you’re copywriting, doing photography, or graphics or animation, you will need to use a tool that helps you achieve your goals.

This tool can either be hardware or software but whatever it is, you don’t want to go “cheap” because most of the time you get what you pay for. You want to find a balance. Some tools are free, sure, but make sure that if you are going to go down that route, it’s a great tool.

The tools you use will depend on the type of content you are trying to create but, you will quickly find out that you will often use a combination of hardware and software.

Your toolset will most-likely be made up of a laptop/pc, content creation software and the internet.

Some cool tools I recommend are Canva, which allows you to create content of all types. Other tools you can use are Adobes suite of creative tools, Audacity, Final Cut Pro, Notion, WordPress, Pexels, Envato Elements and more.

You may need to have a camera of some kind to create content (a phone will do), a mic, for something like a podcast, lighting etc.

Be sure to do thorough research, there is a lot of consumerism and commercialism out there, so you want to only purchase what you need. This takes wisdom.

2: Learn about the content you want to create

Because there are so many different kinds of content you might want to create, you are going to want to learn the ins and outs of the kind of content you create.

Most of these content types have learnable principles on how to get the best out of them so you want to focus on that. Learn the tools, learn the science and learn the art.

Design has a whole body of knowledge to learn from. Copywriting has its own unique principles that guide the content creation process. The same applies to marketing, photography, cinematography, podcasting and the rest.

The knowledge is out there, you just need to search for it.

3: Create consistently

This is perhaps one of the most challenging things to do, at least for me.

I cannot describe why this is so difficult but creating consistently requires a lot of heart. You need to be passionate about what you are creating and even if you have all the passion in the world, you will need to be very disciplined.

Most of the time you will need to push yourself to create when you don’t feel like it.

You will also need to learn to replenish your creative juices and constantly be inspired. Creatives are givers and often-times we give more than we can recover.


One way to do this is to create as much content as possible. Don’t look to make it perfect. Out of that amount of content you will find some gems to use but also gain wisdom on where to improve on the not so great content.

You want to surround yourself with like minded people and inspiring environments to support the creation of your content. This is a job you will need to be intentional and diligent about.

Stay away from mass media as it will demotivate you. You almost have to wear blinders that will keep your focus on the lane you’re on and not on what others are doing.

Don’t be afraid to try. Don’t be afraid to be imperfect. Don’t be afraid to fail.

Whatever you do, just keep creating and if possible, try and create one thing everyday or make progress everyday on something you may have already started on. Just don’t stop.

I hope these tips will help you develop a solid content strategy that will assist you in making your content contribution to the world.

Remember, if you have any questions or comments, be sure to add them below.

All the best…